Elements Cof Nil Cough Relief Formula 100ML

Elements Cof Nil Cough Relief Formula 100ML

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Cof Nil has now taken over all other cough-relief in my family due to its taste, soothing effect and fast relief.


I haven't visited doctor for cough and cold issues once I got Elements Wellness COF-NIL Cough Relief Formula !!!

Elements are god gift and Cof Nil Cough Relief Formula is Amrit,just take one spoon and Sardi Jukam gone.It is the only one cough syrup with best result.

I had used and recommended Elements Cof Nil Cough Relief Formula to several peoples and I got wonderful feedback from them regarding the results of the product and I also feel best.It is best for dry and old cough too without any side effects.


Cof Nil is 100 %Veg & It has very effective herbs like Vasaka, Tulsi, Banafsha, Kantakari and Yashti that helps in soothing and anti-allergic activities & It helps easing phlegm and reduces coughing to a great extended without causing drowsiness to the user. Additionally, this is a Ayurvedic product & having AYUSH premium mark so It is very much safe to take without causing any side effects and also keeps us active round the clock despite cold & cough for complete prevent. Be Indian Buy Indian..

After giving any other cough syrup I need not to worry whether my kids will take rest or not they use to sleep because of drowsiness caused by syrup but after using ELEMENTS Cof Nil syrup I have to force them for rest. the formulation is very effective and works faster than any other Ayurveda syrup I used. And much more it does not cause any drowsiness so we can continue routine works along with medication.

cof nil is excellent cough relief product for diabetic patients also




There are so many brand cough syrup we get in the market but Elements Cof Nil is way above all. The best part of Elements Cof Nil is that it has no side effects unlike other which cause drowsiness after consuming. Elements Cof Nil give far more better results than other cough syrup. I am very proud of Elements Cof Nil. Thank You!

For me this was the 1st products I used in Elements and 100% result. My Mamu was suffering from Cough he is a NRI and came to India went Bangalore to his native place where he took many medicine but no relief. 3 moths he stayed in Bangalore and took medicine but no use only temporary relief. But before going back to Kuwait he came to Mumbai and stayed with us. I gave him Cof Nil at night next day it was miracle He had a great relief from cough He thanked me and I felt very happy.


Wonderful product. Nice taste and every effective.


Finally!! I have tried so many medics for the cough and fortunately Elements Cof Nil made my life easier. I would say we can stop depending the other medics which will not ensure 100% relief and only give us a temporarily relief . Elements Cof Nil has cured my cough problem from the core where other medics failed which i have been using it for the past 4 years, and i feel this medic as purely organic with no side effects. WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE AND MORE TO GAIN, "JUST GIVE IT A TRY"

cough nil syrup is an ultimate Ayurveda product for my family.every time my son was suffering from cough and cold and nebulized many we gives him only a spoon of syrup and he is now is very effective and any type of cough. Diabetic patients also can take this product

Elements cof-nil is cough relief formula. Economical and effective product in elements and very powerful for severe coughing.

This is best for cough relief and also for allergic problems.


Cof Nil is an Auyervedic product for all kinds of common cough its reduce bouts of cough without causig drowsiness its cough reiief formula also suitable for diabetic patient


My family comprise of 6 members. Single bottle of cof nil ends in 8 month in this period almost every person had cough problem and find relief after 2 of 3 doses….really great product. My friend father in law who has suffering cough problems for almost a decade had great relief after using Cof NIL.


Elements Cof Nil cough Relief Formula is the best cough formula. It cures the Dry-cough with in a day itself.