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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of registering with

Apart from becoming a member in our family and treating yourself to affordable lifestyle products, you will

  • Be able to store your details so that you need not re-enter every time on making a purchase.
  • Be eligible for hottest deals and promotions that we bring for our customer front.
  • Be informed of fresh new merchandize and happenings at Indiashoppe and more

How do I register in

Simply click on the ‘Register’ icon on top right corner in home page. You will be asked your name, email and few other details on entering which a confirmation link will be sent to your email id. On clicking on the confirmation link sent, you are all set to enjoy a new shopping experience with us.

I have forgotten my account password. What do I do?

On trying to sign up there is a "Forgot Password" link you can use to generate a new password for your account with us. Guard your password to prevent malpractice.


Why does the product I received look different from the image I saw on the site?

Please ensure the delivery slip and order transaction mentioning the product name and compare it with what you have received. In case of discrepancies between ordered and shipped product, kindly get in touch with our customer care team for help.

We take utmost care to deliver the exact product as it is shown in our website, in pristine condition but the images shown in the website may differ slightly from the actual product due to high resolution of image, ambient lighting and flash used during photo shoot of product.

I have forgotten my account password. What do I do?

Star products are special products and are mostly our own brand of high quality health and beauty products. You can find and purchase them on IndiaShoppe website or on our retail store and not elsewhere.

Star Products

What are star products?

Some special and high-on-demand products are categorized under star products in We have range of health and beauty products for sale and there are more to come under star products. These products are packed with rich botanical extracts and manufactured with utmost care making it our fastly moving and most sought after range of products.

Offline Store/Retail Outlet

I like to have a look and feel of a product before buying it.

No worries. Indiashoppe has about 20 retail outlets/offline stores apart from our online e-store for customers to walk in, shop and enjoy our services. Now you can have a visual & tactile experience of all our products. Please click here for our offline store location nearest to you.

I see that some products available on the physical store are not present in the online store and sometimes vice versa. Why is this so?

Indiashoppe mostly houses the same products in both the physical and online store. We strive to keep the product range on both avenues similar but due to factors like demand, popularity and fast movement of goods there may be some discrepancies which is normal.

Can I use the same coupon both in offline & online shop ?

You can use the same coupon in offline & online stores but coupon once used in online or offline will become null & void & it cannot be used elsewhere.


How can I pay for an order in Indiashoppe

We have a variety of innovative payment methods like coupon redemption and the traditional secure payment gateway. Payment gateway in turn allows you to pay using credit card, debit card or through netbanking. Our payment gateway is SSL encrypted and so your card details travels in the network through secure connection and is well-guarded, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about on sharing card and bank related details on our site. In Indiashoppe retail outlets you can pay for your favourite products using coupons, credit/debit cards and cash.

Is it safe to give my credit card or debit card or net-banking details through Indiashoppe payment gateway?

Yes, absolutely. We use a third party payment gateway that is certified for security and they in turn use SSL encryption for transfer of data like card number, name, expiry date, password etc so that the details are not traceable through the network. Also, none of these data are stored explicitly anywhere on our site or server making it completely safe to transact with your card or net-banking details.


What are coupons?

At Indiashoppe we have provided some privileged customers with coupons of certain value which can be exchanged for products of same value. For coupon redemption, we give a special discount on products which is listed as ‘IS Coupon Price’ under every product.

How can I redeem my coupons?

To redeem your coupon in Indiashoppe website

  • Register with Indiashoppe using your email id.
  • Choose a password and verify your registration using the verification link sent to email.
  • Browse the products in the website and add your choice to the shopping cart
  • While choosing payment option, select coupon method and enter your Reference no and barcode number at required space for redemption.
  • Your coupon will be redeemed for the product chosen.

To redeem your coupon in Indiashoppe retail outlets

  • In our retail outlets, you can present the coupon to our cashier who will scan it for verification and allow you to redeem for any product there.

IndiaShoppe generally sells products at great discount for coupon holders. How can I get a coupon for myself?

Distribution of coupons is only done towards corporate sales (not retail). You may choose to contact our marketing team for details on corporate enquiries.

I have used my coupon in online store, can I use it in your retail outlet again?

Sorry! Coupons can be redeemed only once, either through our retail outlet or through our online store We have a validation process in place which checks for the authenticity of a coupon at both outlets and invalidates it immediately after redemption preventing reuse

Why do I see a star on some coupons and not on others?

Star coupons are meant for redemption for star products on our website. The normal ones are meant for every other product.

Can I use a star coupon for a normal product?

Sorry! Please use star coupon to shop for star products and normal coupons for all the other products.

My coupon does not cover the entire amount of my order. What do I do?

You can redeem the value of your coupon and pay for the excess using netbanking, credit/debit card

I ordered a product that is priced less than my coupon’s worth. Will I get a refund of the excess amount back into my account?

Sorry! All our vouchers have a non refundable balance clause and so unused amount cannot be refunded. Please ensure to utilize your entire coupon’s worth during shopping. You can use our e wallet system & utilize your full money in future.

My coupon is not working! What do I do?

Please ensure you have used the correct code for redemption. In case that does not work, please contact our customer care with your coupon details for help.


What is e-coupon? How is it different from the other coupons on IndiaShoppe?

E-Coupon is otherwise electronic coupon and can be redeemed only on the online store. Unlike normal pink and star coupons that can be redeemed both online and at physical store, an e-coupon is not valid at our physical/offline stores.


What is E-wallet?

E-wallet is a digital space unique to each individual registered with Indiashoppe. One can store their validated Reference no along with its expiration date here and use it for redemption during checkout. The coupon value is automated to be redeemed according to the order of expiration date for a hassle-free shopping experience.

How to use E-wallet?

Why should I use a E-wallet?

E-Wallet is a one stop point for storing details of validated coupons. On checkout it is easier and faster to redeem a coupon from your wallet rather than using it directly. Besides, expiry date of coupon is also stored and during checkout a coupon(s) with earliest expiry is redeemed automatically.

How can I view my E-wallet details?

Log into your Indiashoppe account and click on E-wallet to view your E-wallet details.

How do I use my E-wallet?

  • Register with using your email id
  • Choose a password and verify your registration using the verification link sent to email.
  • Login to the site, you will find a unique E-wallet linked to your account.
  • Your E-wallet account will display your wallet number and balance available.
  • Top up your E-wallet by choosing the type of coupon(pink or star coupon) and entering coupon details such as Reference no and barcode.
  • Adding the details will prompt you to enter your phone number for generating a One Time Password (OTP). After receiving the same through mobile and email, enter it to validate the process.
  • Shop products from and add them into your cart. During checkout use E-wallet as the payment option and redeem your coupon from there.
  • You can view earlier transactions done through E-wallet, change E-wallet password and also generate new password through your E-wallet account.

Good to know:

  • E-wallet redeems coupons according to their expiry date. Coupon with latest expiry is automatically used first.
  • If the gross amount of your order is less than your coupon’s amount, the balance is stored in the E-wallet to be used in a future transaction.
  • On a rare occasion that a transaction using E-wallet is to fail, the coupon details and amount are rolled back into your E-wallet account hence giving a hassle-free shopping experience.

What are the advantages of E-wallet?

  • Fast and easy way to use validated coupons
  • One place to store all coupons along with their value and expiry dates.
  • Automatically redeems old coupons (earliest expiry) first.
  • Failed payments no more a concern, as coupon details are transferred back to wallet.

Can I delete my E-wallet?

Since the E-wallet is associated with an account, it cannot be deleted separately. You may choose not to use it.

What can I do if my E-wallet balance is insufficient?

In case your E-wallet balance is lower than the total amount payable for your order, you can make a partial payment using your E-wallet and then pay the remaining amount using any of the other payment options.

Can I use the pending E-wallet amount in offline stores?

No E-wallet is only for online transaction in Indiashoppe website. This balance can be used only here in the website & not in the stores.


How do I carry out an order in website?

  • Register with Indiashoppe using your email id.
  • Choose a password and verify your registration using the verification link sent to email.
  • Navigate to our home page. Latest products and available discounts are mentioned there for an easy pick.
  • You can also find a category banner with links to categories like fashion, watches, gifts etc. On choosing them you are shown the products page.
  • Click on the products you like to buy and add them to your shopping cart. Continue until all products you require are in your cart.
  • Click on ‘Checkout’ and enter your personal details like name, shipping address, billing address etc.
  • IndiaShoppe accepts a variety of payment methods (Please refer to ‘Payments’ section of FAQ). Choose the most convenient one to complete your transaction.
  • Receive your product at doorstep and enjoy shopping with again.

How do I know that my order has been processed?

Once your order has been recorded and payment authorized, you will receive an email containing the details of your order from IndiaShoppe. In this email you will be provided with a unique Order ID, a list of the item(s) you have ordered.

Can I order a product that is marked as ‘Out of Stock’?

Unfortunately, products listed as 'Out of Stock' are not available for sale. Please contact our customer care for more details on its restocking.


I have ordered a product. How long does it take for delivery?

We strive for quick deliveries. Your order generally takes 2 to 5 days to reach your doorstep, if it is shipped to metros, major cities and state capitals. For non major cities and places, the order usually takes 5 days from the time it is confirmed by us. In some locations delivery may take longer depending on accessibility and the proximity/reach of our logistics partners.

How do you pack the items before shipping?

We take utmost care to pack each item according to its fragility and transit time to doubly ensure that your product reaches you safely.

What are delivery charges? Why am I being charged that amount on my bill?

Delivery charges are a small amount of payment that is collected from the customer due to cost incurred with safe packaging, dispatch, trucking, transit and delivery of product. There is however some offers or conditions based on which we waive delivery charges from time to time. Please refer our website for more details.

I live in a remote location. How can I ensure that you deliver to my location?

While browsing products, you can find a text box saying ‘Check product delivery to my pincode’. Enter your pincode to know if the product can be delivered at your doorstep. Currently we cover about 9000+ pincodes throughout India.

The site says product cannot be shipped to my location. What can I do to receive it?

Please email our customer care center mentioning your exact address, location and pincode and we will let you know on the logistics. Alternatively you can walk into our retail stores to pick up any product you like and can redeem your coupon there too. To know about our store locations, please check our website.

Do you ship internationally?

As for now IndiaShoppe does not ship internationally. We serve about 9000+ pincodes within India.


I have made an order and now I wish to cancel it. What is the procedure?

Once payment is processed and transaction is authorized, cancellation of an order is not possible.


What is IndiaShoppe return policy?

Returns of product is not possible unless you receive in damaged condition and then also should subject to terms and conditions of products bought. Please check the product description, as certain products cannot be returned. To initiate a return, please get in touch with our Customer Service team or check the returns policy. Once we receive the returned item our Customer Service team will get back to you on the status product exchange.

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