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Please read through the terms of use carefully before starting to use our services. The domain name is owned by Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 with its registered office at Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited, No. 25, 2nd Floor, LANCO House, G.N.Chetty Street, T Nagar, Chennai - 600 017.

By using our service you agree to accept these Terms of Use

1. INTRODUCTION has customized its “Terms & Conditions” as per the E-tailer’s website rules and policies. The topics covered under the “Terms & Conditions” brief you in wide about the internal process by which “” acts to provide a comfort zone in online shopping. We would highly recommend you to have detail study of the “Terms & Conditions”. This precaution is highly essential for you to create a peaceful companionship throughout your journey with us.

Preliminary policies please read useful information and start your process through Registration followed by purchase and in availing the other services provided by the website. accepts your registration with your acknowledgement that states, “Your token of acceptance” on behalf of our website’s “Terms & Conditions”. Your membership of the website will undergo the same by the legal bound.

2.PRODUCT APPEARANCE is only an E-tailer. The Products available on the website are posted and obtained through the numerous well reputed vendors and distributors.

a. The Specification and user manual, which come along with the products, is from the respective brand of the company, does not take the liability for the dissimilarity of the content with the product of the same.

b. The images, description, features and technical specifications described on each product may not be percent accurate. If your product’s description mismatches your actual search or necessity aid to solve your stress by asking you to “return your product in an unused condition”.

c. The pricing posted on few products may be lesser than the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) of the product. This occurs mainly if the product undergoes a discount or any other offers of the website.

d. The Warranty of each product is displayed under the terms of the mother concern of the brands or the manufactures. In some cases the seller owns the warranty of the product. Whichever the case may be, the warranty of the products shown in the “” cannot be borne by the website.


The Indiashoppe highly honors innovative inspiration. In the rare case that you come across any of your work, which is confined under your Terms & Conditions, is inadvertently copied by our website, please inform us through an e-mail to


As soon as you complete the registration process will send your user ID and password to your respective e-mail ID, given to us along with your personal information. The website transfers the complete responsibility of maintaining the account’s confidentiality to the account holders. We vitally recommend you to follow the below steps for your privacy purpose.

a.Always logout after your shopping session. is not liable for any misuse/ loss/ harm that may occur due to your incomplete logout of the session.

b. In case your account is violated by others, mail your concerns to

5. DISCLAIMER & LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY will clearly state to you about its principle of responsibility. The operation and the information of the site are customized under its limitations of liability. Each product in is procured from its respective vendors and merchants of its kind. completely disclaims any liability with regard to the product warranty, description, picture and its features that are displayed on the website. It also disclaims any liability towards products that are with defect, fake and manufacturing fault.

In case if you come across these types of issues, either "contact your respective dealer of the brand" or "return the product in unused condition".

The website may contain numerous third party links, but does not take any representation or responsibilities towards the same. In no-means, the site is associated with those link-holders, Hence your response on to the respective links is performed at your own risk. We do not assure that our newsletter and e-mail are free from Virus. So you will be the sole- protector of your PC. We strive to protect your privacy and give a good shopping experience, but we will not be liable for any kind of damages that occur due to using this site, directly or indirectly or through a third party or from cyber-terrorists. We highly recommend you to maintain your account in a confidential manner, since it is your responsibility to protect your personal details.

6. SUBJECT TO PURCHASE OF A PRODUCT constantly strives to make their customer’s journey comfortable throughout their shopping session and so they facilitate their customer with essential hassle-free solutions and instruction. These facilities are customized in various aspects and focus exclusively on the issues and requirements faced by a customer after the purchase of the product.

a. Policy on Product Return The site has customized certain criteria towards the product return by its customer. Our criteria are based on transit damage, faulty products, mistake in delivery address, inaccurate product and unfinished packing. If your requirement meets any of the above criteria then you can avail this policy. Moreover the foremost condition to avail this policy is that the goods have to be returned within 24hrs [e.g.] with reference from the acknowledged parcel time and in unused state.

b. Shipping & Handling The site has facilitated its customer with shipping charges based on product weight and delivered location. All the products are delivered to the customers in the same means. The accurate time-period cannot be pre-intimated to you as it depends on the shipment-team. In addition to this, the site is not liable for any such postponement on the delivery schedule. If you come across any of the criteria in our “Policy on Product Return”, you are asked to arrange your own shipment. Due to certain restrictions, our shipment-team is not permitted to handle the reverse-shipment process.


The site’s Terms and conditions are customized in a comprehend manner which reign in accordance with the laws of India. With reference to this aspect all the disputes/conflict that are related directly or indirectly with the Terms & Conditions, that belong to this website are to be submitted only in the adequate courts in Chennai [e.g.]. The adequate courts are personalized with the related authority of its kind. In case if your disputes are found Counterfeit then you will be highly responsible to undergo the penalty of the jurisdiction.


The norms under the Terms & Conditions of the will be modified and updated as per our desired time and decision. These changes will not be pre- informed to you.


If comes across any member of the site who has counterfeited or acted against the T&C, the website has full authority to terminate the user account and claim penalty through the legal proceedings.

10. THIRD PARTY CONTENT is the authorized possessor for the main logo, trademarks, and service found in the website, In addition, certain trademarks are posted in association with vendors and the respective brand manufactures. Hence, we strictly prohibit on use of those trademarks without availing the concern from us and from the respective vendors or brand manufactures.


The materials of the product such as description, catalogues that are available on the website are completely under the norms of T&C of We highly condemn on those who misuse the material by selling, rent, copy right and lease or use it for some other commercial purpose.


IndiaShoppe ensures that any Product/Service Promotion initiated by the company is informed to our customers though SMS and E-mails. In order to keep the customers informed about their transactions, IndiaShoppe sends regular Transactional SMS and E-mails to the customers.

If you have any queries with regard to the Terms of Use please contact

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